Can't wait to get my tablet, i'm so excited :D:D:D:D:D

Hi everyone, Hope you're ready for Christmas! I brought you a new tutorial on How To Draw: Christmas Stuff...

Draw a 3-D Snow Sphere and Show it to your friends!

Shoop Da Whoop Collab '10

2010-11-28 00:27:52 by oscar11122

Legodude2000 is making a Collab about the famous Meme "Shoop Da Whoop", and it's looking for some animators, for more information on this topic go to the BBS and in the Collaboration topic look for "Shoop Da Whoop Collab '10"

It kinda looks promising, It looks like it'll be the "Lazer Collection 4" born on NG

This Meme, created by 4chan, had disgusted some people, and made other's life full of joy, so we should make something to remember this...